Last week (starting April 18), US passenger airlines carried 58% of pre-crisis passenger volume on 69% of the flights utilizing 87% of their fleet.

Strong numbers continue with respect to number of flight operations in the US; Delta, Alaska, Republic, PSA, Endeavor, and Horizion had their busiest COVID-era weeks last week, as did airports JFK, SEA, MIA, PHX, IAH, BOS, and DTW. Derived load factors are down, but only slightly.

The big story fleet-wise is the most recent round of MAX groundings (some additional info is included in the chart further below); here are some noteworthy fleet shifts in the last four weeks since the last report:

  • Southwest: -7 B38M, +5 B737
  • Delta: +5 B739
  • American: +25 A319, +5 A321, -14 B38M, +14 B738, +4 B772, +5 B789
  • United: -14 B39M, +8 B738, +3 B763
  • JetBlue: -5 A320
  • Allegiant: -5 A320

New Grounding Issues Grounding MAXes

Since the last update four weeks ago, Boeing ran into another snag with the 737 MAX, which ended up grounding dozens of US-based aircraft just as the fleet was coming back online as the MCAS issue was resolved. This appears to be having a non-trivial impact on the fleets of Southwest, United, American, and to a lesser extent, Alaska, who this week appear to have grounded ~63 aircraft between the four of them.

Departures by Airport

If interested on an airport-by-airport breakdown, FlightAware now has an excellent interactive graph for each airport with their data; scroll to the bottom of the respective airport page to see. Here's MSP as an example.

Departures by Airline

Fleet Evolution by Airline

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