Last week (starting March 21), US passenger airlines carried 58% of pre-crisis passenger volume on 70% of the flights utilizing 87% of their fleet.

The numbers this month have been very strong, with nearly every US passenger airline operating more flights than at any other time during the COVID era; Friday, March 26, was the busiest day, by number of flight departures, for all US passenger airlines aggregated together, as well as Southwest, Delta, United, Frontier, Republic, and Endeavor specifically.

Notable fleet updates since last month:

  • Southwest: +25 B38M
  • Delta: +7 A320
  • American: +9 A319, +7 A321, +8 B38M, +8 B738
  • United: +9 B39M, -12 B772
  • JetBlue: +5 A320, +7 E190
  • Alaska: +5 B738
  • Spirit: +5 A319

Departures by Airport

If interested on an airport-by-airport breakdown, FlightAware now has an excellent interactive graph for each airport with their data; scroll to the bottom of the respective airport page to see. Here's MSP as an example.

Departures by Airline

Fleet Evolution by Airline

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