30 June: Weekly US & Canada COVID-19 Aviation Traffic Report

Posted on Tuesday, June 30, 2020 by Nick Benson
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Compared to pre-crisis numbers, last week US passenger airlines carried 22% of passengers, operated 39% the flights, and flew 63% of their aircraft. Last week there weren't any big surprises for folks who've been keeping tabs on traffic, trends have been pretty steady. A few items of interest:

  • Southwest continues to increase the number of flights they're operating, up to 70% of their pre-crisis flight volume now, which is bonkers, considering they were/are the largest US airline based on number of mainline flights.
  • The number of wide-body aircraft being operated by the big 3 has held steady since a modest bump in May and early June.
  • US narrow-body aircraft fleets are generally growing
  • Seven of Delta's A320s flew last week - the first time any of the type had flown since Mid-April.
  • American flew an additional 23 A321s and ten 737-800s.
  • Spirit flew an additional 16 A320s (their whole A320 fleet flew last week for the first time since Mid-April), and continues to add A321s.
  • TSA screening volume continue to grow; seven day YoY average is now -77.6%, yesterday was first day better than -75% since late March.
  • Estimated load factor is around 65% of the pre-crisis average (65 TSA screenings per pax airline flight departure over last seven days, vs 100 on March 1)

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TSA Screening Volumes, Combined Pax Flight Volume, Derived Load Factors

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