Update: a candidate has been selected to fulfill this contract.

I'm looking for a US-based remote freelance mobile app developer to build iOS and Android clients for JetTip's smart flight alert service; the first phase would be a contract to build and launch the app, transitioning to quarterly retainer for ongoing support and feature implementation thereafter.

Users interact with JetTip in two ways:

  • Push alerts, which notify them of interesting-to-an-aviation-enthusiast aircraft coming to the airport(s) they're monitoring; the notification contains a concise alert that links to a details page/view with additional information
  • Filterable arrival/departure board (you can see a demo of the arrival/departure board by going to the JetTip homepage and clicking "See Flights" below the hero graphic)

A few high-level things I'm looking for with this app:

  • Strongly prefer React Native as the platform for developing as I've got some familiarity with it, but it's not a strict requirement.
  • Monthly subscriptions via Apple and Google's platforms using RevenueCat, as well as JetTip's extant web-based authentication system (I'll build the API to communicate with RevenueCat's backend; you'll build the interactions between the mobile apps and RevenueCat to initiate and cancel subscriptions; I'll build an API endpoint for you to authenticate users that have signed up via mobile or the extant web-based system); will need support for US and Canadian stores at launch, moving to additional international markets shortly thereafter.
  • Support push alerts (as with user authentication, I'll build out the server side APIs that are needed for the backend, but you'll be building out the interfaces on the client side). Have heard good things about Firebase, but am open to your preferred push notifications API.
  • Should follow extant design of the web interface, which is responsive (need to support phones and tablets), as well as dark mode.

My background:

  • Full-time freelancer/self-employed since 2013 (front-end web development and CMS implementation, mostly).
  • JetTip started as a side project building a Twitterbot for airplane alerts at MSP and has grown into a full-time job; worked with a designer to flesh out the layout/design of the web pages, otherwise have done all of the development work up to this point myself.
  • Live in Minnesota, near Minneapolis, with wife and three kids.

The extant interface for configuring alerts at selected airport(s).

The interface showing flight details, filters, and the arrival departure board, in light and dark mode.

If you're interested, please reach out nick@jettip.net, we'll get an NDA signed and we can discuss ballpark figures. If it sounds like a good fit, I'll provide a formal project outline with specific requirements, you can provide a bid, and we'll move forward.

I'm looking for someone based in the US; bonus points if you're an avgeek living in Minnesota or the Midwest, but those aren't strict requirements. This is a remote gig, no in-person or video meeting is required; occasional communication by voice is probably helpful, but I'm perfectly happy typing to express my thoughts and reading to understand yours.

As with any project, getting finished sooner is better, but I also realize talent is usually booked in the near-term. I'm happy to wait a little bit for the right person.

Nick Benson

Nick lives in Burnsville, MN with his wife and three children. He grooves on railroad and aviation photography, geography, weather, and LEGO. A freelance web developer, he started JetTip's smart flight alert service in 2017. He can frequently be found atop a step ladder at MSP's Aircraft Viewing Area.