NFL 2020: Super Wild Card Weekend Team Charter Flights

Posted on Friday, January 8, 2021 by Doug Kroll
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Here's this week's NFL team charter flight schedule. For live coverage of these and other athletic charter flights, check out Sports + Aviation on Twitter. If you're an aviation enthusiast who'd like alerts when unusual aircraft visit your airport, check out JetTip's smart flight alert service.

Nick Benson,

The Los Angeles Rams will fly aboard a pair of 787-9s to Seattle this week.

Friday, January 8

  • Indianapolis @ Buffalo
    IND (4:00pm ET) - BUF (5:21pm ET), Delta 8864, A333
    IND (4:25pm ET) - BUF (5:32pm ET), Delta 8865, A333
  • Los Angeles Rams @ Seattle
    LAX (4:15pm PT) - SEA (7:00pm PT), American 9749, B789
    LAX (7:10pm PT) - SEA (9:45pm PT), American 9750, B789
  • Tampa Bay @ Washington
    TPA (5:45pm ET) - BWI (7:51pm ET), Delta 8869, A332

Saturday, January 9

  • Indianapolis @ Buffalo
    BUF (6:30pm ET) - IND (8:20pm ET), Delta 8864, A333
    BUF (7:10pm ET) - IND (8:40pm ET), Delta 8865, A333
  • Baltimore @ Tennessee
    BWI (1:30pm ET) - BNA (2:30pm CT), Atlas 8086, B744
    BWI (1:45pm ET) - BNA (2:55pm CT), Atlas 8197, B763
  • Chicago @ New Orleans
    ORD (3:25pm CT) - MSY (5:45pm CT), United 2539, B772
  • Cleveland @ Pittsburgh
    CLE (3:30pm ET) - PIT (4:20pm ET), United 2535, B772

Sunday, January 10

  • Tampa Bay @ Washington
    BWI (1:45am ET) - TPA (4:13am ET), Delta 8869, A332
  • Baltimore @ Tennessee
    BNA (4:30pm CT) - BWI (7:20pm ET), Atlas 8087, B744
    BNA (4:45pm CT) - BWI (7:35pm ET), Atlas 8198, B763
  • Chicago @ New Orleans
    MSY (8:10pm CT) - ORD (10:35pm CT), United 2539, B772

Monday, January 11

  • Cleveland @ Pittsburgh
    PIT (1:00am ET) - CLE (1:50am ET), United 2535, B772

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