SpotLAX / Dorkfest Preview: LAX Stats and Unique Operations

Posted on Thursday, August 29, 2019 by Nick Benson
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As you may very well know, there's lots of excitement building for the upcoming SpotLAX and Dorkfest events in Los Angeles next month. Here's a quick overview of some avgeek stats collected over the last 30 days, with ranking based on traffic at airports in the US and Canada.

Nick Benson,

LAX is Air Tahiti Nui's only North American destination; Pacific Air Cargo usually sticks to HNL and LAX.

LAX: Unique Airlines & Aircraft

LAX has the distinction of being the only regular US/Canadian destination for four airlines:

  • Air Tahiti Nui (787-9 and A340-300)
  • Cargolox Italia (747-400F)
  • CargoLogicAir (747-400F)
  • Virgin Australia (777-300ER)

LAX is one of two US/Canadian destinations for:

  • MasAir (767-300F)
  • Pacific Air Cargo (747-400F), these aircraft occasionally stray to KOA, JFK, and elsewhere
  • Sichuan (A350-900)
  • Singapore Cargo (747-400F)

LAX is one of three US/Canadian destinations for:

  • Aerounion (A300-600)
  • China Southern Cargo (777-200F)
  • Fiji (A330-300)
  • Flexport (747-400F), this aircraft, operated by Atlas, has just started flying this month, and is currently operating an HKG-ANC-LAX-HNL-HKG circuit
  • Hong Kong (A350-900)
  • Nippon Cargo (747-8F)
  • Saudia (777-300ER)

Nick Benson,

LAX is Virgin Australia's sole North American destination.

LAX Stats: Number of Airlines Operating Aircraft by Type

If you're like me, it's fun getting the chance to see as many different airlines operating as many different types of aircraft as possible - and the bigger the better! LAX does very well in this regard; they've got more A320, A350, A380, and 777 operators than any other US/Canadian airport, and they make a respectable showing for just about every other type, though the variety of 757s and A340s is surprisingly low.


  • A320: 18 (first place)
  • A330: 15 (second place, behind JFK)
  • A340: 1 (Air Tahiti Nui is the sole remaining operator at LAX, and not for long)
  • A350: 7 (first place)
  • A380: 8 (first place, tied with JFK)


  • 737: 13 (fifth place, behind YYZ, MIA, MCO, TPA)
  • 747: 18 (third place, behind ORD and JFK, though it's almost a tie)
  • 757: 4 (tied for 18th place)
  • 767: 13 (second place, behind MIA)
  • 777: 33 (first place)
  • 787: 22 (second place, behind JFK)

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