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Smart Flight Alerts

Our avgeek analytics keep tabs on unusual aircraft. When an interesting flight is scheduled to arrive or depart, subscribers get a notification or email.

Curated for Avgeeks

JetTip follows diversions, special liveries, retro jets, charters, testbeds, and more! We keep track of the cool stuff for you.

Airport Boards

In addition to alertable aircraft, JetTip's filterable arrival/departure boards show regular traffic with enthusiast cred, so you can plan your spotting at a glance.

Notification Priority

Two tiers of smart flight alerts are issued depending on the number of visits in the last 30 days - high priority for the first two; low for the third and fourth. We also offer two types of unique diversion alerts.

No coverage at your airport?

We'll add coverage at any US airport upon request.

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