What is this?

JetTip is a smart flight alert service for aviation enthusiasts. Flight alerts are sent by app notification or email, and our filterable arrival/departure boards make aircraft spotting a breeze. Fully configurable in less than two minutes, JetTip tracks flights of interesting aircraft at major US and Canadian airports.

JetTip analyzes each aircraft coming and going from your airport and determines if it’s unusual there - usually this is based on the airline and the type (think “Delta A330-200”), but there are several factors (special livery, alliance livery, etc.) that get considered. A high priority alert gets sent for the first two visits, low priority for the third and fourth. You may subscribe to alerts for high or low priority separately, or opt of notifications entirely.

Is JetTip an app?

It is! You may get the JetTip app via the App Store or Google Play. If you prefer, you may also use our website and get alerts via email.

What about diversions?

You may also opt-in to alerts for any inbound diversion at your airport, as well as multi-diversion events at other airports.

Which aircraft are shown on the flight boards?

Not all flights are shown. Best effort is made to show unusual visitors, special liveries, and anything else of general interest to an aviation enthusiast. Some aircraft (especially bizjets and military) are blocked from flight tracking by request of their operators.

High priority alerts (red) are given to interesting flights with two or fewer visits in the last 30 days; low priority alerts (blue) for the third and fourth.

Can I get alerts for multiple airports?

Yes, subscribers get unlimited app notifications or email alerts from up to ten airports, and you can easily change and manage them when traveling. The arrival/departure boards are available to all users for all covered airports at all times.

What if I'd like to cancel my subscription?

Obviously we'd love to keep you as a customer, but we're not going to waste your time or energy with an annoying customer retention specialist; cancelling is as straight forward as we can make it (Google and Apple require a few more clicks), and depends on how you're signed up for our service:

What if I need a refund?

We're pretty generous with our refund policy with subscriptions coming directly through our website; Apple and Google manage refunds for payments made through their stores:

Can I setup alerts for specific aircraft?

No; you can configure timing for when you get high or low priority alerts via the JetTip app or email (or opt out of them entirely), but JetTip doesn’t offer configurable alerts for specific aircraft. FlightAware offers a handful of alerts for free; FlightRadar24 offers customizable alerts for a modest fee; both are fantastic apps that compliment JetTip very nicely.

What's the best way to contact you?

Any and all feedback is always welcome, and we're always happy to help with any support questions or issues you might have. Email us at hello@jettip.net, send us a DM on Facebook, Instagram, or Mastodon, or call at 1-844-747-0757.

What about glitches?

As with any data entered by humans, information coming from the flight data providers is subject to error - JetTip can filter out repetitive issues and prevent many one-off's, but a few will get through from time to time. If you get an alert in error, please contact us so filters can be adjusted.

What about special liveries?

JetTip has a database with thousands of aircraft, including special and commemorative liveries, large private jets, war birds, fire tankers, testbeds, and so on. Chances are, if an aircraft is publicly trackable, and is on its way to your airport, JetTip will let you know about it.

The same rules that govern high and low priority alerts also apply to special liveries – for example, Alaska Airlines has a large fleet of special livery aircraft, and virtually all of them operate out of Seattle on a daily basis. These aircraft will show up on the SEA flight board, but they won’t trigger alerts after their first round of visits.

If there's a new interesting aircraft you’d like JetTip to track, please let us know!

My airport's missing - can you add it?

Possibly! JetTip currently tracks flights at most major US and Canadian airports. We can add coverage at any US airport by request.

We'd love to offer our service in more countries, but high quality flight data for areas outside of North America is prohibitively expensive for a hobbyist-oriented application. We're always keeping an eye on things though, and changes in government policy for data sharing (especailly in Canada, the EU and UK) would certainly make things easier.

Who took the photo on the homepage?

The National Airways 747 departing MSP was captured by Dillon Petrowitz.

Dark mode's An-26 is from Donal Morrissey, who you can follow on X, Instagram and Flickr.

How about some actual "About" content?

JetTip is operated by Nick Benson, a freelance web developer turned fulltime avgeek from Burnsville, Minnesota, just a few minutes from MSP. Over the course of the past several years, what started as a side project to build an aviation Twitterbot snowballed into the system described above.

JetTip has been an active member of the plane spotting community since 2017. We're a recurring sponsor or supporter of Airliners International, NYC Aviation's SpotLAX, Cranky Dorkfest, Jet City Star's Seattle Aerospace BBQ, and the Minnesota Wing of the Civil Air Patrol.

JetTip is a small business and we do our best to support other small companies, espeically local ones, whenever we can. App development is done in Minneapolis by Parka Software, which is also where ArcusTech handles our web hosting. Our swag is always made in the US; our woven keychains are produced by Custom Couture Label Company, and our stickers by StandOut Stickers. Our avgeek checklists and envelopes are printed down the street by Cornerstone Copy.