Nick Benson,

A view of the LAX's In-N-Out Burger, with the main locations of Dorkfest and SpotLAX highlighted.

Edited: September 7, 2021

Our favorite events of the year, NYC Aviation's SpotLAX, and Cranky Dorkfest, are being held over the weekend of September 18th. Both events offer a low-key excuse to go to Los Angeles and hang out with other aviation enthusiasts. Some people make a day trip of it, sticking around just long enough to make it to Dorkfest on Saturday afternoon, others stay at the fabulous H Hotel for a night or two (or more) for SpotLAX.

Unfortunately the COVID-19 situation hasn't improved as substantially as hoped; Nick from JetTip will be there, but there won't be any swag this year. Please get vaccinated and keep your mask on when within arm's reach, even when outside.

While it's likely this year won't be quite as busy 2019's event, which featured dueling In-N-Out Burger giveaways from Delta and United, it's sure to be a welcome change of pace after more than a year of pandemic life. Hopefully we'll see you there!

Nick Benson

Nick lives in Burnsville, Minnesota with his wife and three children. He grooves on railroad and aviation photography, politics, geography, weather, and LEGO. He started JetTip's smart flight alert service in 2017, and is now a full-time avgeek. He can frequently be found atop a step ladder at MSP's Aircraft Viewing Area.